Friday, January 10, 2020

When and How to Contact the Board

In the big picture, the BCAEA appoints a chair to run each event, and the con chair chooses how to run the event.

If you have a comment about anything under the con chair, instead of the BCAEA, you’d contact the con chair, or the person they delegated to.

The BCAEA is a registered society, so things like financials, and hotel contracts are in its name.

You’d choose to contact the BCAEA about:
  • Yourself becoming the con chair of a new event
  • Accountability for a con chair
  • Policies that the BCAEA is involved directly (ie. Staff Policy, Code of Conduct)
  • Multi-year disciplinary decisions or appeals on previous decisions.
  • Ideas for events or activities you think would be fitting for BCAEA to participate in.
  • For information about our Annual General Membership Meeting (which happens at every VancouFur).

If you have a question, or just want to give an FYI to the board, you may email the board directly via email at or if you’d like to talk to your community rep directly, you can email To help the board address your concerns or questions, please make sure your email is specific to your issue. Please be sure to include background information, and be specific about what is requested in terms of action or information required to address your issue. The Community Rep may be able to help organize your thoughts, but it doesn’t replace sending that mail.