Friday, October 18, 2019

Meet the new 2019 board members

Since our last post, the board has gone through a lot of changes. Rather than go over each change individually, let’s just reintroduce the entire board.

Kyroo - President - Joined July 2017 for a 3 year term. Kyroo has staffed with Vancoufur since 2014 working in Fursuit Track and Marketing.

Carthage - Vice President - Carthage joined the board in July 2016. He was the con chair for Vancoufur 2018 and Vancoufur 2019 and was given a leave from the board to run them, so his term is extended to 2020.

Ildar - Treasurer - Joined July 2018 for a 3 year term.

RainRat - Secretary - Community Rep - Joined March 2019 for a 1 year term. This is the second time RainRat has been in this role, also serving for the 2017-2018 year.

Skepticolt - July 2019 for a 3 year term. Skepticolt has volunteered with Registration at Vancouver Pony Expo.

Malicai - July 2019 for a 3 year term. Malicai has volunteered for Programming for Vancoufur.

Jerome Fox - June 2019 for a 3 year term. Has assisted with staffing and volunteering for VancouFur since 2014

Ph8lwolf - March 2018 as Community Rep. Promoted to full board member until 2020. Ph8lwolf has volunteered for Vancoufur on the Web team for 4 years.

ShadowsMyst - July 2018 for a 3 year term. ShadowsMyst has volunteered with Vancoufur for several years in positions including Art track lead, Social Media Lead, Communications Executive, and Convention Chair for 2020.

Overall, this year’s board is a very new board, looking forward to moving in new directions this year.